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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gilgit Travel Guide

Gilgit is the main city in northern Pakistan. Although the city itself is not very large nor very exciting, it's the best place to start exploring the northern region which includes some of the best mountain scenery and is known as Virgin Beauty undeveloped world, the world still to be investigated by the West.

The city has two or three points of interest. Two miles outside the city there are a couple of Buddhas carved into a cliff. They go back to the 5-th century. It's a beautiful walk, the landscape on its way gorgeous. 

Then is a monument to the fact that the scouts of Gilgit were the spark that set the flame in the struggle between Pakistan and India to commemorate the hegemony over Kashmir. 

The post office can hardly be regarded as a face. But if you're traveling to Nagar, , Skardu, Shangrila Swat and  Yasin Valley (Worshigum) or Hunza Valley, keep in mind that it is easier for a few postcards to send to relatives from here than from any of the other valleys. 

For sports, one of the most interesting is excustions Rakaposhi base camp. Rakaposhi is an 8-km giant. 
In 2006 there is 20% drop in overall crime. Total of 1400 that the Northern Areas remained less than one police from other provinces of Pakistan. Number of foreign tourists rose from 9944 to 15049. Northern Areas is Wonderland which should not be visited by 15 thousand, but one hundred 15 thousand tourists. In 2007 we expect a substantial increse in business. (Inspector General of Police, the northern areas of Pakistan)