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Lahore is affectionately nicknamed "The Heart of Pakistan."There is a popular saying, "He who has not seen Lahore, has not yet been born." Lahore is a unique and charming city with a rich culture and an abundance of artists, poets and film. There are many beautiful gardens to visit, Lahore is located on the shores of Riva and the land is fertile. People of Lahore are known for their hospitality and offer a warm welcome. Lahore is a bustling city with an interesting history. He was tried by the Mongols, the Sikhs and the British before independence. At various institutions, including the prestigious Government College, are located in Lahore.


There are many outstanding attractions in Lahore and visitors should meet at least two full days to see the site. Attractions include the Lahore Fort, Shalimar Gardens, Lahore Badshahi Mosque and the Museum. Another activity of interest to visitors attending a cricket match. Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore hosts international matches. Cricket is a game that Pakastanis are passionate about games and are frequented by a lively crowd. Shopping bazaars are an exciting and there's plenty to choose from, like Kashmir, Suha, Anarkali, Ichra and Chatta. At the bazaars you can find everything you could want, like bracelets, clothing and tea. Go treasure hunting among the bustle of the crowds to find the perfect souvenir. There are malls that are worth visiting, such as New Auriga Shopping Center and Trade Center Saliqa.


There are a variety of housing options for all budgets. Cheap cottages are the perfect way to meet other travelers. Dormitories are also available in housing budget and mid-range accommodation is available for visitors who want something more comfortable. For visitors wishing to relax in luxury there are upscale hotels in Lahore.


You can access by road Lahore by bus or train. Located in Lahore is a busy international airport, making air travel an option in Lahore. Travel around the city by auto rickshaws, which have tariffs negotiable. It is better to travel downtown by rickshaw and then explore the attractions on foot. There is a public bus system, but it may be difficult to negotiate if you're not familiar with bus routes. Taxis are another option, but most of them do not have meters.


Punjabi and Urdu are the languages commonly spoken in Lahore, Lahore has a very high level of education and English is widely spoken. Lahore visitors should be able to get by speaking English, especially in tourist areas.