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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Northern Areas Of Pakistan

TravelGuide of Pakistan believes that the northern region of Pakistan is the hub of the largest mountain ranges in the world. K2 and Concordia, Chitral and Hindukush, Rakaposhi and the beautiful Hunza & Nagar valley with its hospitable and loving people, Nanga Parbat and the Himalayas, this is the name that can make you feel like their love. The regions of northern Pakistan areblessed with the highest volume of concentration of high mountains of high summits on earth. In a small area there are 100 mountain peaks above 7000 meters, five of which are above 8000 meters: K-2 (8611 m), Nanga Parbat (8125 m) Gasherbrum 1 (8068 m), Large Peak M) Gasherbrum 1 (8035 m), and the longest glaciers outside the boreholes on the land, where the mighty Himalayas, Karakorum, Pamir and Hindukush all meet. Northern Area of ​​Pakistan is famous for the excellent places. The areas of northern Pakistan are enchanting for mountaineers. Visits of North Pakistan are best offered by the tour of Pakistan and trips to the regions of North Pakistan.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hoper Nagar Valley

Hoper is the most beautiful valley in Nagar district in Gilgit Baltistan,Pakistan. The Hoper Valley is next to Nagar Khas. Hoper consists of five villages, namely Hakalshall Baroshall Ratal Gshashoshall and Holshall Hakalshall is the largest among these five and Baroshall has historical significance in gilgit. In any historical book about gilgit mention that the human population of gilgit originated in Baroshall. This is why sometimes gilgit is suggested the name as baroshall.

Three sides of the Hoper Valley are covered by the Hoper Glacier between the glacier, this glacier begins from the Bawalter peak and ends at Harchi Nagar cleanly and is known as one of the fast moving glaciers in the world . The Hoper valley starts from Sapulter har (current) and ends at the rest house (view of the glacier) at Holshall.

Hoper is very famous for bowl-shaped design and the Nagar road clean to the rest house through the center of the valley offers additional beauty to the valley.


There are three long glaciers in Hoper Nagar Valley
1- Hoper glacier is most beauty place.
2- Barpu glacier                                           
3- Mier glacier


There is also a lake which called Rush lake


Mountains are like Golden peak (famous for their high degree altitude) Bawalter peak(from where Hoper glacier starts) Spantic peak Mier peak(from where miers glacier starts).


The spring season starts from April to September there is summer an autumn arrive in October and from November to March its winter and in period there is huge many tourists come here in seasons from around the world.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Karachi The biggest City of Pakistan

Karachi is Pakistan's largest city. It is also the southernmost city of the country and the capital of Sindh Province. The Population Estimate of Karachi is roughly 18th by Authorities
without a Census. Million (A rough guess that is inflated every y. 90% of Muslims, rest belong to all different religious groups among them Christians and Hindu are the largest.

Karachi is the commercial capital of the country. It has the representation of many international banks. Multinational Companies and airlines, Most of the international airlines fly here. All renowned airlines have offices in Karachi. The city is fixed in area with an area of about 2200 square kilometers.

You can expect to see a wide range of modern and colonial architecture in Karachi. Although there are very few numbers buildings in Karachi, the modern architecture is mature and represents a class of its own. There are many beautiful mosques, mausoleums, churches and libraries here. Bazaars of this city are the most attractive. Karachi has been regarded as the most liberal and traditional city at the same time. The combination of people from all over the country has made the people tolerate each other's languages, culture and faith.

There is typical oriental style of bazaars with colors and narrow streets, and you will find in Karachi the modern shopping malls offering a range of goods from International standards and brands. One of the biggest tourist attractions are Karachi buses and trucks, they are seen each where and present an entire art gallery of colors in them.

The National Museum of Pakistan is the most prestigious museums in Pakistan housing the artifacts from the Mehar Garh, Indus civilization and the modern Pakistan movement relics.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Lake Keenjhar

Lake Keenjhar is also called Lake Kalri. It is located in the district of Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan. It is located about 122 kilometers from Karachi. The lake is about 24 kilometers
long and 6 kilometers wide. Its maximum depth is 26 feet. The Indus River flows parallel to the lake. Lake Kalri is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Pakistan.
Basically, Lake Kalri is formed by the union of two lakes called Sonehri and Keenjhar. The purpose of this training is to provide fresh water to the inhabitants of Karachi and the district of Thatta. It is considered an extremely important place for wildlife. It is a favorable habitat for winter birds such as ducks, geese, flamingos, cormorants, herons, prawns and gulls.
Lake Kalri is a beautiful tourist resort. A large number of people visit Karachi, Hyderabad and Thatta every day. Popular poets find Lake Keenjhar an excellent source of inspiration. Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai praised this place in his poetry.  
The famous folklore of Sindh, Noori Jam Tamachi is associated with this place. Jam Tamachi, the ruler of Sindh married the beautiful fisherman Noori. In the middle of the lake there is a grave which is known as Noori's tomb. It is a famous place and can be seen from the shore.
Hundreds of people visit this sanctuary every day. Another folklore of Jhum Pir and Sonehri, the prince and the fairy, is also linked to this place. Lake Kalri is a very nice place to be visited with family and friends. There is a small restaurant for tourists called Noori Restaurant near the lake shore. People from all over Pakistan visit this lake.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fairy Meadows famous for its beauty

Fairy Meadows  famous for its beautiful lush green plateaus and the ninth largest mountain Nanga Parbat (the Killer Mountain) in the Diamer District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The place was named in 1953 by Fairy Meadows by an Australian climber Hermann Bhul because of his fascinating beauty. He was here to climb the summit of Nanga Parbat. He became the first to climb the mountain. Fairy Meadows is also known as 'Heaven on Earth' by his lust less beauty. 
Overview A night camping or staying in traditionally built wooden cottage at Fairy Meadows with breathtaking views of mighty Nanga Parbat's North Face is very unique and amazing experience. Even more when the sky is clear and the night is full moon. The cool moonlight that reflects the giant majestic icy peak shows the true meaning of the beauty and peace of nature. How to reach? The first stop at Fairy Meadows is the Raikot Bridge. It is located at an altitude of 4595 feet (1400 meters) above sea level and approximately 540 kilometers (336 miles) from Islamabad (Pakistan's capital), when you arrive via the Karakoram Highway.From the Raikot Bridge you can rent a local jeep to reach Tatoo Village at an altitude of 2900 meters above sea level. It takes about half an hour exciting trip to reach Tatoo Village.From the Tattu route it becomes too narrow for a jeep to travel, but not very difficult to pull. After 2-3 hours of walking, depending on your fitness level, you can reach Fairy Meadows. 
Where to stay? There are several hotels and tourist lodges available to facilitate tourists in Fairy Meadows. Most of these are available at very reasonable prices. Some though are little expensive. Many tourists want to stay in camps in grassy places. Food here is expensive compared to cities. But the availability of food at this remote place makes it worth paying.  
When to visit? The best time to visit Fairy Meadows is between late June and mid August. The site becomes inaccessible in winter due to heavy snowfall.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Heaven on earth northern Areas of Pakistan

Northern Areas or North Pakistan is very beautiful, which does not attract local tourists but also international tourists to visit and stay this heaven on earth. North Pakistan scattered around 72,496 square kilometers.
The area is very beautiful for its small and large valleys, natural lakes and highest peaks, these eye-catching tops attracts even in winter with heavy snowfall, and these peaks are the highest peaks in the world these peaks began with altitudes ranging from 1,000 meters to 8,000 meters, this heaven on earth includes regions of Gilgit-Baltistan Nagar Valley,Hunza, and Shangrila. Now transformed into a new province namely Gilgit-Baltistan.

The entire North Pakistan has its own cultural trends, and these regions also very interesting, because the geographical locations. The population of this region has the best customs and traditions with typical costumes, folk dances, music and sports like polo and buzkashi, attracts its also the national  and international tourists an unforgettable experience of this heaven on earth. This area has the distinction that the world's top 14 peaks over 8,000 meters high peaks of
the world or land in North Pakistan, four are also the world's highest glacier namely Baltoro glacier in the Karakoram region of northern Pakistan. These Peaks included the world's top peaks as K2 or Mount Godowin Austin, which is 8,611 meters high, and this peak is the second highest mountain in the globe.

The top and highest peaks in North Pakistan are Gasherbrum-I as 8068 meters high, secondly Broad Peak as 8,047 meters high and thirdly Gasherbrum II as 8035 meters high. Nanga Parbat också another top peaks who also a great as highest in this range Nanga Parbat också 8,126 meters high and this is located at the western most end of the Himalayas. There are many other highest peaks in North Pakistan inwhich 68 peaks are over 7,000 meters and Hundreds of others over 6,000 meters high, these också attracts and Encourage them as hikers want to reach the top, beautiful and most dangerous peaks of the world.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Perfect Travel Guide of Gilgit

At the end of the 20 hour bus ride, we got to Gilgit. a major transit and trade heart of  Northern Areas. It is located in the middle of a large valley, with passes to the west to Chitral and Afghanistan, north to China and Central Asia, east to Skardu, Tibet, and Indian Kashmir. People from everywhere are in the markets, a very culturally diverse city. The main population of the valley speaks Burshishki, Shina, thankfully Urdu and English got us along ok.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kalash Valley Most beautiful Valley

One of the major attractions of Chitral is the Kalash valley - the home of Kafir-Kalash or "Users of the black robes", a primitive pagan tribe. Their ancestors are shrouded in mystery and the subject of controversy. A legend says that five soldiers legions of Alexander of Macedonia settled in Chitral and are the progenitors of the infidel-Kalash.

Over 3,000-strong Kafir-Kalash live in the valley of Birir, Bumburet and Rambur, south of Chitral. Bumburet, the largest and most picturesque valley of the Kafir Kalash, is 40 kms. from Chitral and is connected to a jeep-able way. Birir, 34 km. Gone are available with a jeep-able road. Rambur is 32 kms from Chitral.
The Kalash women wear black gowns of coarse cloth in summer and hand-spun wool dyed in black in winter. Their picturesque headgear is made of woolen black material decked out with cowry shells, buttons and crowned with a large colored feather
The Kalash are fun loving people who love music and dancing particularly on the occasion of their religious festival like Joshi Chilinjusht (14 and 15 May-spring), Phool (20-25 September) and Chomas (December 18 to 21 in a week ). Polo in Chitral is as popular as in Gilgit. Polo matches are great attractions at festive occasions. A regular Polo tournament held every year (first week of July) at Shandur Pass.