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Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, and is located in the Potohar Plateau in the northwestern part of the country. It is located within the Islamabad Capital Territory, the area has historically been a part of the crossroads in Rawalpindi and the North-West Frontier Province (the Margalla pass is a historic gateway to North-West Frontier Province. Islamabad is located at 33 ° 40'N, 73 ° 10'E. 14 km north east of Rawalpindi on the northeastern outskirts of Potohar plateau in the province of Punjab. In the early days of independence, it was felt that a new permanent Capital City had to be built to reflect the culture, traditions, aspirations and hopes and dreams for all different ethics, linguistic and regional groups that consituted the Pakistani nation. It was considered prudent and in the national interest to locate the federal capital, where it could be insulated from the onslaught of business and commercial interests and yet be easily accessible from even the remotest corner of the country. In light of Islamic ideology in the country, the Federal Capital had be located closer to the Muslim areas of Centeral Asia and in close proximity to the fraternal people of Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. A commission was put in 1958 and given the task of selecting a suitable site for the National Capital with particular emphasis on location, climate, logistics, defense needs, aesthetic, scenic and natural beauty


After the extensive research, feasibility studies and thorough review of various sites, the Commission recommended the area Northeast of Rawalpindi. After finaldecision of the Cabinet the die was cast and there was no turning point.  A Greek firm Doxiadis Associates drew up a master plan triangular in shape based on a grid system, with its OPEX against the Margalla Hills. The planners envisaged Islamabad eventully absorbing Rawalpindi entirely and stretching well west of the Grand trunk road.  It was the technical expertise of Doxiadis and course commitment and hardwork of Pakistani engineers, technicians and workers who had turned Islamabad in one of the prettiest cities in the world.  Pakistan's new capital, Islamabad nestles against the background of Margalla Hills at the northern end of Pothowar Plateau. It offers a healthy climate, pollution f

ree atmosphere, plenty of water and lush green area. It is a modern and carefully planned city with wide tree-lined streets, large houses elegant public buildings and well-organized bazaar / markets / shopping centers. There are rarely crowds or traffic jams and few narrow lanes or slums, the walkways are shaded and safe and separated from traffic by rows of flame trees, jacarnda and hibiscus. Rosed, Jasmine & bougainvillea fill the parks and scenic views of the city shoes to its best.

The city was built in the 1960s to replace Karachi as Pakistan's capital. A Greek firm of architects, Doxiadis Associates, drew up a master plan, triangular in shape based on a grid system with its tip against the Margalla Hills. Rawalpindi is considered its sister city due to the proximity between the two cities.  This town was built for several reasons: The development of the country was focused on Karachi and President Ayub Khan wanted it to be shared equitably; Karachi was vulnerable to attack from the sea in an event of a war with India and Islamabad by contrast, probably surrounded by mountains . It was also closer WKH which was and still is in Rawalpindi.  Islamabad is a rather modern and clean city, especially in comparison with other cities in Pakistan. It is well organized, with the city being divided into different sectors and areas. Islamabad was divided into eight zones: the diplomatic enclave, the commercial district, the education sector, the industrial area and so on, each with its own shopping area and park. Islamabad is also home to the Faisal Mosque, famous for its architecture and immense size. The mosque was gifted by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.