Sunday, September 25, 2011


Pakistan is situated in the western part of India and China while Iran and Afghanistan share their border with Pakistan on the west side. Pakistan, although a very peaceful and very friendly nation has been hit very hard by the infamous war on terrorism by the countries that have always envied the landscape and blessing of the country. The local media war against terrorist leaders have now destroyed peace and quiet in some areas of Pakistan in a game that no one understands. This game is not an old one similar games (Gilgit game, great game) was played on this earth many years ago of similar powers.
This rural Pakistan (the pure land), be it called Pakistan or be it (Sapta Sindu the real India) has probably been the most coveted land in history. From King Darius of Persia, Alexander of Macedonia and many others, marched here in search of that country. There have been many cultural changes in this land.
Today India can boast of being "India of the past" while it was known as Deserta Incognita (Un Known Desert) in the past. Pakistan is the real ancient India, the world would come to see. It is here, Moen Jo Daro of the Indus civilization is that it is here that the mighty Indus river runs, this here, where Buddhism was developed, this is the sanskrit was born, and this is where the Alexander came.
The spectacular views of the mountains, the green plans, colorful deserts and the mighty Indus River are just a few things that this country has been blessed with. We are also blessed with the oldest story in the world. When we look at civilizations as Egypt, Mesopotamia and others, our Indus civilizations look too highly developed and well planned. We are the first urban civilization, where urban planning existed. We are the people who had binary system of weights and the most accurate a 5000 yes 5000 years ago.
Today people talk about taxes and health and organic food and saving nature we have had these thoughts in 2500 BC we had a tax system, democracy and even a system that was most eco-friendly and well aware of nature and had to protect it.
Today when I buy a burger in a so-called developed countries it is wrapped in paper-plastic and foil, trash weighs more than the burger comes to Pakistan, where when I buy a burger my friendly burger cooks it right in front of me, and hand the to me in the most common format with no paper not plastic and no trash.
Pakistan is a paradise, and no super power can destroy it. We are facing a time when people are talking all sorts of sick things about us, but it is only us who see that Pakistan still stands out and boasts of being the most beautiful and most wonderful country in the world.
Today some countries are building the largest shopping malls, high towers and what they do not destroy nature and produce unsightly structures that do nothing but hurt our land, those countries build mountains as K2 can lead to a river so powerful and so legendary as the river Indus.
This is an open invitation for each visit Pakistan does not listen to the media does not listen to warnings the country is full of friendly people flora and fauna. Nature smiles here and the sun bear its first celebration here in Pakistan.